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Cherie Bargar Reveal

West Lafayette, OH

Our family moved to West Lafayette, Ohio, Christmas Eve, 2004. (I don't recommend that for anyone!!) But we made the move to be closer to my husband's work. He is the instructor of Criminal Justice at the Coshocton County Career Center. Our four boys keep us very busy! Austyn and Chase are nine years old and entering the fourth grade. Riley is five and Jake is four. They are both in preschool. We are a homeschooling family and loving every minute of it! Thank you to those who have prayed for Riley; we have as close to a diagnosis as we think we will get for him. He will be attending West Lafayette Elementary preschool. The teacher and therapists have been very supportive of Riley and our family. We are still unsure about a new church home in this area, but we have been attending Calvary Baptist Church for a little over a month now. I enjoy seeing updates on everyone! God Bless!