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The Curriculum of Zanesville Christian School

Zanesville Christian School follows a basic school curriculum for all grades. Our kindergarten program includes the areas of Bible study, listening, speaking, reading readiness, beginning reading, work and play with blocks, clay, coloring, scissors, number concepts, beginning social studies, science and God's creation, health and safety, music, art, games and free play.

The regular school program includes Bible study, citizenship, language arts, history, civics, mathematics, science and conservation, health, physical education, manual arts, and fine arts.

Our high school program is basically college preparatory with opportunity for some vocational courses as well. In order to graduate from ZCS, a student must earn a minimum of 22 credits. The breakdown of these 22 credits is as follows:

  • Bible - 4
  • English - 4
  • History - 4
  • Science - 2
  • Math - 2
  • Keyboarding - ½
  • Physical Education - ½
  • Health - ½
  • Electives - 4½

No credit will be given for a class which a student has failed. Any required class that is failed must be made up before the student's graduation.

Because of the humanistic philosophy permeating secular textbooks, we at ZCS use Christian textbooks whenever possible. The majority of our textbooks come from A Beka Book out of Pensacola, Florida, while much of the remainder comes from Bob Jones University Press located in Greenville, South Carolina.

The key, however, to the presentation and use of materials in a Christian school is the Christian teacher. Their deep involvement in the study of God's Word equips them with a discernment necessary to teach all subjects in harmony with the principles clearly presented in the Bible.