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Scott Bailey

Dallas, TX

Some news to add in order to catch you up on things here. Married on Saturday, 22 May, 2004, to Pamela K. Heaton. God is so good and sovereign. It was well worth the wait. We were blessed to have Jim & Sarah West present at our wedding in Virginia in the church where my wife worked for over nine years. We are in the process of closing to sell my house of eight years. I have moved to Dallas so that we can both be closer to our jobs and church. My wife, Pam, is working at a non-profit organization called 'Aim for Success'. They are the largest provider of abstinance education (to public schools, churches and camps) in the country. She is also a student attending DTS (Dallas Theological Seminary). Both of us are active in our local church here. Now my brother, Mark, keeps reminding me that his children need cousins. :-) Would love to have a visit from you guys anytime.